随着就业市场的竞争比以往任何时候都更激烈, employers are trying new strategies to differentiate applicants and ensure that they’re hiring the best person for the job.

Candidates are increasingly being asked to deliver a short presentation as part of the interview process. 这个练习的目的是测试你在你的领域的知识, as well as your ability to manage information and communicate effectively under pressure. 从本质上说,它能让雇主了解你的能力.

The prospect of delivering an interview presentation might feel a little overwhelming at first. 好像要求苛刻的面试还不是一件伤脑筋的事似的, 现在你又有一件事要做对了.

以一种令人兴奋和吸引人的方式交流信息并非易事, but don’t lose your head: follow the key steps below to craft compelling presentation content, 搞定交货,搞定工作.


表示焦虑 is a normal response to the unknown, but it doesn’t have to get in the way of successful speaking.

Don’t let your nerves become a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you tell yourself that you’re nervous and imagine scenarios where things could go wrong, 你会将这些想法内在化,在做演讲时更容易犯错.

试着专注于你是多么兴奋地分享你的想法和你的听众联系. 当你演讲的时候,你有意识的热情会发光, 让你成为更有魅力的演讲者.


Too many presenters go into the room armed only with vague ideas and a rough plan for where their presentation is going.

Think hard about the few key messages you want your interviewers digest and streamline your content to ensure it communicates them clearly, 去掉任何不必要的细节. 试着提前知道你的面试官是谁, 因此,你可以根据他们的职业角色和优先事项来定制你的信息.

枯燥的事实和数据清单令人厌烦,不会为你赢得赞赏, 所以,用一个引人入胜的故事来组织你的演讲吧. 有一个清晰的开始,实施一个有效的三阶段结构, 中间和结尾:解释目前的情况, 概述雇主在推动利益和冲突方面面临的挑战, then provide a clear resolution that conjures a better and brighter vision of the future (with you as a candidate at the centre of that).

Treat your prospective employer as your customer and think of your skill set as the product; your presentation should sell the benefits of your expertise, providing opportunities for you to connect your skills and experience with their pain points.

叙述性陈述不仅无限地有趣, 研究显示 that audiences are up to 40% better at retaining information when it’s structured in a meaningful way.


毫无疑问,面试官会注意到你的外表, but they’ll also be influenced by the quality of your slides – so it’s essential you make the right impression with your presentation visuals.

在开始你的演示之前,计划好每一张幻灯片在便利贴上. The space limitations will provide an intentional restriction on how much information you can put on your slides, 这样每一个都能被本能的一瞥所理解.

你 shouldn’t be loading your slides with information and bullet points – nothing makes audience eyes glaze over faster. 你r interviewers will want to watch and listen to you, not read through walls of text. Treat slides as visual aids with minimalist copy so that they reinforce and enhance what you’re saying.

把强大的, relevant imagery at the forefront of your presentation (check out sites like StockSnap and Pexels for beautiful, free stock visuals) and employ subtle animation to help your information flow along naturally.

最后,遵循核心 演示文稿设计规则 of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity to lend your slides balance and uniformity.


A big part of interview success is gaining the trust of your panel and establishing credibility. 你可以利用面试的演示部分来实现这一点.

练习你的材料,这样你就可以用一种自然的、对话式的语气来表达. Maintain good eye contact throughout and address interviewers by name when they have questions.

Interact with your interviewers as your present – making them part of the discussion will deepen their engagement and make you appear more authentic: they’ll feel as if you’re speaking to them directly as opposed to reciting a script.

不确定的 演示的时候手该怎么做? Employ deliberate, controlled gestures to emphasise your points and keep them visible throughout. 展示他们是一种建立信任的非语言方式.


A paraphrase commonly attributed to Albert Einstein is that “everything should be made as simple as possible, 没有更简单.” This expression has real value when it comes to presentations: you should try and explain your points as simply as you can without compromising any meaning or value.

最好的演讲得益于专注和清晰. 这意味着你的语言要直截了当,避免华而不实, tangents and corporate jargon – which only serve to erect barriers between you and your interviewers.

把乔布斯, for example: he’ll be remembered as one of the great business communicators of our time because he spoke clearly in a way that anyone could understand. While his competitors were talking in technical terms like memory and processing speed, he was talking about how many songs you could take with you and how it’s easier to get things done.


The last thing you want after delivering a knockout interview presentation is to be caught off-guard by a tough question.

如果你仔细检查你的内容, you’ll probably be able to predict some of the key things you’ll get asked – so have some intelligent responses prepared ahead of time. 你 might be asked to justify your proposed course of action as opposed to an alternative, 如何降低潜在风险, 或者你的建议是否符合更广泛的策略.

记住Q&A section is actually an opportunity for you to talk about things you couldn’t fit in your main 10 to 15-minute presentation, 所以好好考虑一下,好好利用它.

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