Why Impactful Brand Storytelling Leads to Increased Revenue


Our evolving, interconnected world means customers are increasingly tapped into their online devices. Products、Services、视频 & reviews are instantly accessible with a mere tap of our finger. This opens up channels with which brands can really connect with their customers.

Impactful brand storytelling is all about instantly engaging and genuinely connecting with customers, creating a narrative that allows them to better understand a business’s purpose & Products,道德 & 价值观——给他们一个令人信服的理由去使用它们,时间 & 一次又一次.

长期成功的业务会增加品牌增长, loyalty and ultimately revenue by having a consistent brand story that communicates effectively with their audience.


Just think of the most successful and talked about businesses today: Apple, Google and Amazon. They have managed to influence and gain their customers loyalty by creating a strong message of what they do and how they provide added value – all using engaging content that drives an action. 正如亚马逊首席执行官杰夫·贝佐斯所说:“你需要专注于客户..从你的客户开始,然后逆向工作.”

In 2006 when Apple wasn’t the huge success story it has become today, 它发起了一场名为“买一台Mac”的活动,’ managing to increase revenues by a whopping 39% within a year. 打破了销售记录.确切地说,是600万mac. 秘诀是什么?? 这是一个简单的PC vs Mac故事, allowing the audience to better understand what the mac could offer them and come to their own conclusion.

事实上是一个研究项目 答:集体 took 42 publicly-traded companies and measured their financial impact from brand storytelling. 客户参与度的增加导致:


把英国维珍大西洋航空公司, who’s impactful communication strategy such as the ‘Still Red Hot’ campaign has enabled its growth from a small business in 1984 to the UK’s second largest airline today. 维珍公司的一份研究报告指出,an understanding of ‘Virginness’ led to an increase in brand commitment, the measure that most closely correlates with revenue growth.”

另一个例子是汽车制造商福特, who’s marketing team decided to produce a series of 你Tube videos on the passionate making of the Ford RS sports car during its launch. “We exposed the true story – setbacks, conflict, compromises and ultimately success特鲁比是福特汽车公司公关副总裁. “Once you’ve watched this you can never see an RS on the road again without understanding just how much passion went into creating it.”


所以如果你专注于讲故事, if you focus on creating information that’s interesting for people, 那你就不只是在做Products宣传了. 你不只是在谈论你自己. 你不是以自我为中心. 相反,你在创造人们感兴趣的信息,” advises David Meerman Scott, Marketing and Sales Strategist.

你可能有一个很棒的Products, 或一个光滑的, high-in-demandServices, however if you don’t have an impactful way of telling your brand’s story that reaches a wide audience, you’ll decrease your chance of converting prospects into long-term clients. 营销人员需要了解客户看重什么, 你如何解决他们的问题, 那就把它描绘成迷人的, 有效的故事. 通过激发顾客的情感和共鸣, 你将促进成功的品牌增长和忠诚度.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell,” advises Seth Godin, marketer, entrepreneur and best-selling author.

真正推动有利可图的客户行动, content marketing strategies need to provide added value by not only focusing on engaging with customers with relevant content, 而是在情感上与他们共鸣, 教育他们, painting a visual picture for them to understand and be motivated by your brand.


讲故事的艺术并不容易, but using efficient digital tools that are available to us today – such as powerful content management systems and software that allows the control, accessibility and sharing of content – we can make our brand stories more impactful to positively resonate with prospects at the right time, 在正确的地方,在正确的设备上.

正如新闻专线所述, “视觉的吸引力就越大, the more attention it receives and the more information is retained.”

To win over your customers or prospects, your brand storytelling needs to be brought to life. 事实上,“大脑接收到的90%的信息都是视觉的.” Appropriate imagery and animations can do this to really paint a picture and make your story far more memorable. 你 want your product or brand to always be at the forefront of your customers mind when they think of your relevant space.

使用视频添加,为客户丰富体验, animations to support and capture the audience’s imagination. 还创造了强大的, dynamic presentations that can be delivered by sales and marketing teams using consistent, 最新的品牌材料.

Marketers need to always be innovating, researching the latest tools to win over their customers. “65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated,,其中“71% of marketers intend to increase their content marketing budgets in 2015.“通过正确的内容营销策略, 你可以从你的客户那里建立信誉和信任, 并让他们继续回来.

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